Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Because ‘together’ is a powerful idea that can create a shared future. If you believe in the potential of technology and wish to create distinct décor expression, then this is indeed your opportunity!


Why to Join “DECONYX”

There are plenty of benefits of becoming an authorised DECONYX channel partner

  • Proudly Manufactured in India.
  • Monopoly Product. We are world’s first manufacturer to produce upgraded & exterior grade alabaster.
  • 25+ Years professionally experienced Promoters who are engaged in various business domain.
  • Professionally trained and techno savvy Promoters dreamed to established a DECONYX as a upcoming Global brand by implementing Business Management System & providing exclusive solutions to customers.
  • Innovative, Creative ideas and implementation in manufacturing, management and marketing.
  • Attractive and Good ROI (Irrespective of Partnership).
  • DECONYX just don’t sale products but we provide solutions to optimize the product efficiency as well.
  • DECONYX solutions sale will surely change the market perception by which creating our Brand Value.
  • Marketing Support i.e Print Media, Exhibition Participation, Partner Meet, Architect meet, Display Kit (Demo Kit & Sample Kit) etc.
  • Digital Marketing Support i.e Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. (Personalized and Common).
  • Ease of day to day business operations and strong technical support team.

Translucent Shine Panel’s USP

Exterior Grade
Non Breakable
Can Bend (Depend on thickness)
Can Transmit Light

Translucent Shine Panel’s Technical Specifications:

Translucent Shine Panel is made from high molecular polyester resin.

Sr.No Inspected Areas Unit Standard Result Conclusion
1 Density g/cm ≥ 1.20 1.4 Qualified
2 Hygroscopic capacity % ≥ 0.40 0.05 Qualified
3 Stretching Strength Mpa ≥ 15.0 38 Qualified
4 Compressed Pressure Mpa ≥ 20.0 100 Mpa Unbroken Qualified
5 Flexural ability Mpa ≥ 10.0 68.2 Qualified
6 Hardness Degree ≥ 80.0 88 Qualified
7 Heat Resistance Put into 100 °C for 1 hour, No bubbles appears Pass Qualified
No obvious change in color Pass Qualified
8 Cigarette burn resistance No marks left behind but color slightly turn in yellow (put burning cigarette on the surface for 60 seconds) Pass Qualified
9 Acidity resistance Permeated in 30% hydro chloric acid for 24 hours, no obvious change in appearance Pass Qualified
10 Alkalnity resistance N (Permeated in 10% alkal for 24 hours, no obvious change in appearance Pass Qualified
11 Stain resistance Tea stains, coffee stains & Ink stains can be cleaned easily by normal cleaning detergent (maintain the stains on product surface for 24 hours) Pass Qualified
12 Radioactivity 1ra Out 1. Buking material 0.99 Pass
13 Radioactivity ir 1.Out 1.Building material ≥ 1.0
2. Decoration material ≥ 1.3
0.77 Pass

Alabaster Sheet V/s DECONYX Translucent Sheet

Description Alabaster Sheet DECONYX Translucent Sheet
Origin of Manufacturing China India
Investment Heavy Medium
Rate Very High Affordable
Life of Product Less (Not durable) Long Life
Thickness 4 mm -12 mm 4 mm – 8 mm
Breakage Easily Needs to break
Transportation Sheet to be packed between two plywood’s No plywood required. Single sheet can be transport.
Weight 25-40 kgs (Bulky) 14 – 20 kgs (Light)
Exterior Grade NO YES
Interior Grade YES YES
Without Backlit Look Not so Good Awesome & Natural
Availability Problematic Easy
Despatch time As per importer stock As per customer demand
Marketing Support i.e. Print Media, Exhibition Participation, Partner Meet, Architect meet, Display Kit (Demo Kit & Sample Kit) etc. NO YES
Digital Marketing Support i.e. Whatsapp, Facebook, Insta, Youtube etc. NO YES
Project Size Limited Unlimited
Manufacturing defect (if any) No replacement Full replacement
Installation Difficult (Non flexible) Easy (flexible)
Bending Not possible Possible
Dead Stock YES NO

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