Smart Demo Kit

Smart Demo Kit

Quite Innovative, attractive and aesthetically designed, *Wi-Fi enabled*, Mobile Operated, light weighted silver coloured aluminium case is DECONYX Smart demo kit .

The technology inherent in demo kit makes it unique which sets the best example of decorative product industry. It integrates product’s aesthetics with technology and provides value added features like dimming & tuning of RGB-CW led strip lights . During Demonstration this feature provides freedom to choose from 16M colours or 2700K to 6500K which enhances the visualisation more clear from customer's perception.

RGB Colour Wheel
CW Tuneable Wheel
Lighting Pattern Colour strobe
Lighting Pattern by Music beat

How to Use Smart Demo Kit :
  • Step 1 – Install ‘Magic Home’ App from App store or Play storein Mobile Phone
  • Step 2 – Insert Power cable in the power socket (positioned on backside) & Switch on the bag
  • Step 3 – Switch on the Wi-Fi of Mobile Phone &click LEDnet093DFC Wi-Fi. Wait till mobile shows connected.
  • Step 4 – Open ‘Magic Home’ App. Display shows Device (1) & Controller. Press Controller. Option to rename will open. Rename it with DECONYX.
  • Step 5 – Click DECONYX. Top right shows ‘Power On’&bottom left shows ‘Colour’. Click ‘Power On’ from mobile phone, Click Colour and start experiencing RGB Colour wheel. Use Brightness bar from Low to High. Put brightness bar of RGB Colour wheel at Low and Click ‘CCT’ (bottom left) start experiencing Tuneable wheel (2700K to 6500K). Don’t forget to keep brightness bar of CCT at low before going to RGB Colour wheel.
  • Step 6 – ‘Function’ shows various Lighting Pattern.
  • Step 7 – ‘Music’ function gives various Lighting Pattern on music beat.
  • Step 8 – ‘Camera’ function allow to change Light colour by capturing &clicking the colour from mobile camera.

Sample Kit
Aesthetically designed Leather Sample Kit (Black Colour)can perfectly fit to store and carry 12 nos. of samples (appro. size 13X13 inch).

Samples of various finish (24 Nos. of 12x12 inch)

Anyone can give demo of DECONYX’s product to Architects, Builders, Customers and Corporates easily by Handy Smart Demo kit so Book your Order for Smart Display Kit and make bright future with new opportunity of quite unique product.

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